Instruments uniques

Reconstitutions de modèles historiques, modèles d'étude ou personnalisés, je suis à l'écoute de chaque musicien pour la création de modèles sur-mesures...

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  • “I just received the horns yesterday. The Billygoat Bukkehorn is nice but the Oryx Bukkehorn is un-fucking real ! Seriously, it is my favorite instrument aside from my French horn ! ”
    Dylan Skye Hart
    Hollywood Horn Recording Artist
  • EP 5 titres | Une collaboration particulière qui a apporté à l'album une ouverture interessante vers les instruments anciens
    EP 5 Titres - Winter Songs
  • The Northman - Le Film | Réalisé par Robert Eggers - Avril 2022
    The Northman
  • " I have ordered a model of the Trossingen lyre, including all of the very demanding ornaments, as found on the original instrument. Benjamin Simao masterfully completed that order, creating a beautiful musical instrument. Not only did he replicate the ornaments with complete accuracy and astounding craftsmanship, but he also produced a lyre with a beautifully warm tone and a surprising sound volume for an instrument with such a small resonance body. I was able to choose the type of strings I wish to use for the instrument, and the lyre was delivered with a fitting tuning key made of wood. I love working with my lyre and it has become an indispensable tool in my musical work "
    Hanna Marti
    Sequentia & Ensemble Moirai
  • Cursed : La Rebelle | Série Netflix 2020
  • “ These days, there are more and more people who are building various ancient instrument types. I have tried many and noticed that there is highly variable quality going around. When searching for the right person to build me a replica of the Trossingen Lyre, I quickly understood from our conversations that Benjamin knew his trade. The instrument itself ended up stunningly beautiful, sounds great and has a level of detail that exceeded my high expectations ”
    Einar Selvik
  • “ Benjamin’s skill, dedication and knowledge impressed me as much as the sound of his beautifully-crafted instruments when I was fortunate to come across them at a medieval music festival in the UK. He balances historical evidence with the practical necessities of modern performance well and gives good, detailed descriptions of his working methods and choices. I am very much looking forward to receiving my Trossingen Lyre soon, and found the whole process of commissioning and communicating super smooth ”
    Stef Conner
    Stef Conner
  • “ Benjamin is not only a true master building instruments, but also an amazing player. Recording him playing his own instruments for the Dark Era library has been an incredible experience. Benjamin’s instruments are really beautiful, but the most important, they have an enchanting sound that instantly transport you to ancient times ”
    Eduardo Tarilonte
    Eduardo Tarilonte - Sample Libraries