Solo concert of music of Antiquity and Early-Medieval period
Duration : 1h to 2h
Audience : all audiences

Programme available (not-limited to) :

  • Solo concert with early wind & string instruments
  • Concert with les solistes de la musique byzantine ensemble
  • Poems recited, free improvisations or ancient musical fragments interpretation
  • Demonstration & evocation of protohistorical, antique & early medieval music
  • Musical accompaniment during receptions, etc..


Lyre lessons for beginners and advanced
Duration : from 1h30 to the whole day
Audience : for adults and children from 8 years old

Programme available (not-limited to) :

  • Private or group lessons based on age and level of each
  • Brief history of the lyre, discovering and handling the instrument
  • Learning all the lyre playing techniques
  • Listening, identifying and reproducing different musical notes
  • Exercises for up and down scale patterns
  • Using nuances, shaping notes or musical phrases
  • Discovering the pseudotherapeutical power of music


Make your own instrument and learn the basics of lutherie
Durée : up to 60h according to your instrument
Public : adult masterclasses

Course content (not-limited to) :

  • Planing of a piece of wood.
  • Drawning the sketch with a compass.
  • Cutting, using a jigsaw, a plane or a scraper, etc.
  • Calibrating a soundboard.
  • Understanding the physical principles of a flute
  • Learning the woodturning basics
  • Making a whistle and placing the finger holes on a flute
  • Applying a traditional varnish


Conference about musical instruments covering several periods starting from the paleolitic age
Duration : 1h to 1h30
Audience : all audiences

Programme available (not-limited to) :

  • Origin of music & discovering the materials
  • Awareness of the sound and the harmony
  • Difference between popular and learned music.
  • Evolution of the musician and the musical instrument maker
  • The understanding of the relationship between man, music and society
  • Educational exchange with the public
  • Reflexion about the therapeutical aspect of music

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