20 August 2017

Funky time in Marle 2017

Good memories at Marle during the Rome-Barbaricum event 2017 with my fellows from Letavia.  
3 March 2018

On the way Al Kindi

After the meeting with friends such as the Oud musicians Fadel Motaz & Amine Mraihi, the study of the thesis of Amine Beyhom & Hamdi Makhlouf, the […]
28 April 2018

Meeting with Einar Selvik in Göteborg

Being a luthier means also travel to hand deliver the instruments, despite the thousands of kilometers. On April 28th 2018, I had the pleasure to come […]
15 September 2018

Album recording at Eldana Studio

It’s official, the upcoming album of Benjamin Simao will be recorded at Eldana studio in Duenas in Castile ! The recording session will begin in September […]
28 January 2019

DARK ERA Project with Eduardo TARILONTE

2018 has come with a bunch off surprises ! I had the pleasure to be contacted by the master of Sampling  EDUARDO TARILONTE to be part […]
7 December 2019

Crwth Project with Einar SELVIK & WARDRUNA

About a year ago, my friend Einar Selvik entrusted me with the mission to bring a new member to the big Wardruna’s instruments family. After several […]
17 August 2020

Cursed series on NETFLIX

One year ago, I was approached by a film production company to create Early Instruments for a Netflix Series called Cursed. The Utrecht lute, the Tenor […]