Unique Musical Instruments

The use of local woods of the highest quality allow to opening of musical possibilities by discovering new sounds on unusual instruments.
Reconstruction of historical or traditional models, student instruments or custom models, I am customer orientated for the creation of personalised instruments..

With respect to the expectations and the musical approach of each musician, we together define the choice of materials, and we together then find the sound that we are looking for and have researched all of the criteria that will lead to the production of a unique instrument and sound.
I can adapt my work to fit to any budget, simply by adapting a model to its student version, Feel free to ask..

For consistency, I use mainly local woods and materials of the highest quality that I select carefully :
    Local woods : Linden, Elderwood, Oak, Pear tree, Holly, Sorbus tree, Walnut, Boxwood, Alder, Ash, etc.
    Other woods : Alpine Spruce, Maple, Cypress, etc.
    Materials : Bones and horns from small local farms.